1. Whom to contact in case of any technical difficulties?
Grievances Handling Directorate Tel No. (0120) 3045989, E Mail ID : esahaayataa@icai.in
2. How to check status of Grievance online?
Please make use of link help.icai.org, Check Status option
3. What Happens when any user is not Satisfied with the response?
The Grievance can be reopened by using the link provided in the mail.
4. What happens to the Grievance when the same is resolved ?
The mail alert is sent to the email ID.
5. Is Grievance System has built in Escalation Mechanism?
The Grievance System has the Escalation Levels set right from the Level 1 for the desk level users upto the level of Secretary’s, Vice President, President’s Office.
6. What happens if we do not get alert mails?
Sometimes auto generated mails moves to the Spam or Bulk mail segment, you may access the mails from there.
7. What happens in case of Students and Others?
After submission of the Grievance an Alert mail is sent to the E-Mail ID.When such mail is opened and url is selected then Grievance number is generated. The Grievance number so generated is also emailed.
8. Whether Membership number and Date of Birth has to be provided for Validation?
For Members the Validation of Membership number using Date of Birth is mandatory.
9. How to post grievances?
Please access the link help.icai.org and Select option entitled Post your Grievances. Thereafter select who are you? Member,Student or Other?